Manuscript and Screenplay Service
Seeking help with your screenplay or novel?
Want to see your film or TV drama on the screen, your book in print?

I have twenty years experience of being a published author and of working in the worlds of film and TV drama. Click to learn more.

I teach a number of fiction and screenwriting courses at the City Lit in Covent Garden, London. And I teach Screenwriting and Writing TV Drama at the London Film School.

For writers seeking professional feedback on their work, I offer screenplay and manuscript evaluation services at the following rates:

Evaluation report on a novel's first five chapters plus synopsis:

Evaluation report on a completed manuscript for a novel:
100 per 10,000 words.

Evaluation report on a feature screenplay plus logline and synopsis:

Evaluation report on a full outline package for a TV drama series including pilot episode:

For evaluation reports on writing pieces that fall outside of these guidelines please contact me for advice.

For consultations and general mentoring services on an ad hoc basis the charge is 40 per hour.

If you are interested in finding out more, or if you would like to be mentored - i.e. have one-to-one tutoring/supervision in any aspect of creative writing, fiction, or screenwriting - please get in touch via the contacts page.